Longer Term Support & Accommodation

Sacred Heart Mission’s facilities for longer term support and accommodation were established to tackle the long term effects of poverty, homelessness and disadvantage.
There is a strong emphasis on aged care and programs to exit the cycle of long term homelessness, but also provision of facilities helping people find stable accommodation for extended periods. Within these facilities and programs there is a mix of low and high care services that is necessary to deal with issues that arise from spending long periods in the cycle of poverty, whether from being homeless for extended periods, disability, experiencing life-long poverty, mental illness or struggles with addiction.
Many of the participants in these projects have experienced terrible hardship over the course of their lives, with significant levels of substantial trauma that often accompany lives spent in disadvantage. Therefore the need for a unique and often intensive approach is necessary that is not found in more traditional streams of aged care and housing facilities, incorporating physical, mental and spiritual care as well as recreation and lifestyle programs that assist with overall happiness and well being. 
Like all Sacred Heart services, the importance of connection with community is a cornerstone of our approach. Loneliness and despair are prevalent and damaging effects of poverty experienced over long periods, so participants and residents are encouraged at all times to continue to play a part in society rather than withdraw.