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Everyone is welcome at our table.

Are you in need of immediate help? Get help now

It all starts with a welcome, a meal, a relationship.

Every day of the year, Sacred Heart Mission assists hundreds of people who are experiencing homelessness or disadvantage to find shelter, food, care and support.

Sacred Heart Mission are strong supporters of the Indigenous and LGBTIQA+ community.

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We support the Voice to Parliament

We know that when people have a meaningful say in the issues that impact them, the outcomes are always better. The current approach is not working. Indigenous people experience poorer health, education and housing outcomes than non-Indigenous people.

This is why we encourage you to vote YES, but we will always acknowledge and respect differing views.

four women smiling in the direction of the camera
four women smiling in the direction of the camera
volunteer working in an op shop
Volunteer working in one of our op shops