There are many ways you and your business can support Sacred Heart Mission.

Your involvement can be as easy or as complex as you wish, but with our expert corporate relationships team, and diverse programs and activities, you can be assured of a great experience which will be highly valuable for your business, your people, and your stakeholders.

Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering adds significant value to Sacred Heart Mission’s work. It is a rewarding way for businesses to contribute to the community, enhance their corporate social responsibility, and build a happier, more engaged workforce.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are currently not taking any enquiries for Corporate Volunteering shifts across Sacred Heart Mission. This includes booking any further Corporate Volunteering shifts, and at this stage will be until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience but this is currently out of our control. If you have been in conversation with one of our team members about a Corporate Volunteering shift we will be in touch.
An incredibly inspiring place where the workplace culture was magnificently created by the hands-on CEO. Volunteers are treated fantastically. Totally loved the experience.
– A staff member from the University of Melbourne

Funding and sponsorship

Some businesses like to demonstrate their impact in the community by supporting Sacred Heart Mission and funding a specific community service we deliver.

Your support can be shaped in a way which suits you and your business goals. You can provide direct service funding, event sponsorship (raising funds for your chosen service), or give to our matched gift funds which encourage our growing database of supporters to donate to our annual appeals.

An annual report on impact can be provided for your business to share with all of your stakeholders and will be commensurate with the level of your commitment.

By sponsoring an event, your involvement provides you with a platform to showcase your important work in the community, while also providing opportunities for brand exposure, high value networking and of course, a lot of fun.

Workplace giving

Workplace giving enables employees to make an ongoing donation to Sacred Heart Mission with an automatic deduction of a set amount from their earnings. This way of giving is a great way to donate to charity while reducing the amount you pay in income tax each pay cycle.

Donate goods

In addition to our op shops, you can also donate items to our kitchen or other program areas.

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