Homefront – women’s crisis accomodation

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Crisis accommodation service for women (Cis and Trans)
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Women only facility

Homefront is a state-wide crisis accommodation service for women (Cis and Trans) aged 25 and over, without accompanying children. Homefront provides a safe and supportive environment for women who are experiencing homelessness as a result of a crisis.

These crisis situations may include family violence, poverty, sexual violence, physical and mental illness, problematic drug and alcohol use, and trauma. Women who access Homefront may be experiencing homelessness for the first time; or may have experienced chronic homelessness for many years.

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Our Homefront services

Women can stay for an average of six weeks at Homefront, which has the capacity to house 11 women at a time. Whilst staying at Homefront, women are allocated a case manager who helps our residents find longer-term appropriate housing that is secure and safe.

Housing support

Housing options (after Homefront) may include private rental, transitional housing, self-contained rooming house accommodation, or public housing.

Additionally, Homefront directly manages the tenancies of two properties provided by the Orcadia Foundation. These units are an invaluable resource which can be used to accommodate women without an income who face extreme poverty and disadvantage.

This is an area of increasing need. For example, women who leave a violent relationship while on a Spousal Visa are not entitled to any Centrelink benefits or Medicare, until they are able to gain a permanent visa of their own.

We aim to provide stability and safety so that women can leave our service with greater independence and a sense of dignity and worth.
– Hala, Homefront Case Manager

Holistic approach

Homefront offers a holistic response to the diverse life experiences of the women who access the service. Women are supported to connect with a range of relevant services to strengthen their capacity to successfully sustain appropriate housing, and to foster their resilience and confidence in their own skills and knowledge.

Our services include,

  • Counselling
  • Family and sexual violence services
  • Mental illness supports and treatment
  • Legal and financial assistance practitioners
  • Drug and alcohol services.

Ongoing support for Homefront clients

Women who secure transitional housing during their stay at Homefront continue to be supported by Sacred Heart Mission until they gain long-term housing. Homefront currently provides outreach support to approximately thirty women who live in transitional housing.

How to get a referral to Homefront

If you are interested in a referral to Homefront, please call 1800 825 955 (free call) or (03) 9536 7777. You will be provided with details of the organisation closest to you that can prepare a referral with you.

A self-referral is not possible.

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Our Impact

25 women provided with crisis accommodation and support through Homefront in 2022-23

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