illustration of a group of people
illustration of a group of people

Strategy 2030

Serving more people and more communities

In the 42 years since our foundation, our purpose to serve people most in need remains unchanged. Then, now and into the future – we commit to serving people experiencing homelessness, deep disadvantage and social exclusion. We are ready to extend beyond our traditional St Kilda footprint and go to where there is need.

Three adults and baby stand side by side

Our vision & purpose

The world we aspire:

An inclusive and fair society where everyone can live a fulfilling life.

Why we exist:

To end homelessness, deep disadvantage and social exclusion by building people’s capacity and promoting fairer and more inclusive communities and service systems.

Strategic Pillars

To achieve our vision, Strategy 2030 defines four strategic pillars, with priorities and actions where we will focus our efforts.

  1. Grow our services to meet need
  2. Influence fairer and more inclusive communities and service systems
  3. Partner for long term impact
  4. Evolve our organisation to be future ready
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Lived experience voice

We know that to be successful in achieving our purpose, we need to actively and meaningfully listen and act in response to the voices of service participants. A key priority of Sacred Heart Mission’s strategic plan, Strategy 2030, is to embed lived experience voice across our organisation.

In late 2023, we established the Executive Advisory Group on Lived Experience (EAGLE) with 10 participants who have a lived or living experience of deep disadvantage, homelessness or social exclusion. Together with the group, we developed the Lived Experience Advisory Framework (LEAF).