Volunteer at an op shop

We are always looking for volunteers to help out in our op shops across Melbourne. Come and join our family with the same heart!

A life-changing experience

Volunteering at Sacred Heart Mission’s op shops is a flexible, fun and engaging activity to give back to your community. It’s a great way to …

  • Develop customer service and retail skills,
  • Connect with the people in your neighbourhood,
  • Meet new friends, and
  • Help us raise funds for our programs and services.

Become an op shop volunteer

Our stores are open seven days a week and heavily rely on the ongoing support of volunteers to assist with the sale of goods, customer service, visual merchandising and stock replenishment.

If you have knowledge or interest in a particular stock item or are passionate about fashion, books or anything in between, we would love to hear from you.

Check out our current volunteering opportunities here and apply:

How our op shop volunteers are making all the difference in our community

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Join our op shop family

We talked to six op shop volunteers about their volunteering experience. Hear what Olivia, Julie, Arian, Duong, Hilary, Carol and Paul have to say – and why they recommend you joining our op shop family:

Olivia: I think volunteering is important, especially for organisations such as Sacred Heart Mission, because it allows them to exist.

Julie: Volunteering is so important to me as a single mother and a self-employed person. So for me to be able to spend a few hours giving back to the community is a great thing.

Olivia: I originally started volunteering in the Elsternwick op shop because it was my local op shop. It was just such a nice place to be. Everyone wanted to be there. Everyone was really welcoming and passionate about what they were doing.

Adrian: You get all sorts of characters coming in from overseas, a lot of backpackers, and there’s an eclectic bunch of people that live in the neighborhood here with unusual haircuts and their fashion sense.

Duong: Normally I come in at 10:00 AM and then I ask for the manager to give me some tasks. And then most of the time I hang the clothes, tagging, and then taking them out to the store and people can start to buy them.

Hilary: I do four hour shift and I spend most of my time on the floor. Sometimes I do the cash register, but most of the time I’m putting more things on the racks, tidying up the racks, tidying up the shoes.

Carole: It’s a great way to keep yourself involved in your local neighborhood. Brunswick Street is the most fantastic street – it’s just full of surprises. The biggest surprises is this shop, it’s great. It’s just the best.

Olivia: I think volunteering has changed me in a lot of ways. It’s introduced me to a lot of people that I otherwise wouldn’t have interacted with or gotten to know.

Hilary: I really think that this will be something I’ll do for many, many years to come.

Julie: Volunteering – just do it. It’s fantastic. Makes you feel good.

Paul: It gives you acceptance. It gives you an inclusion. It gives you confidence. It’s a real thing. And if you put something into it, you’ll get something back in tenfold.

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Op shop volunteer organising clothes in one of our stores