Rooming House Plus Program

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Rooming House Plus team
Are you in need of immediate help? Get help now
Self-contained living for people with a history of chronic homelessness

Since 2005, the Rooming House Plus Program (RHPP) has enabled people with histories of chronic homelessness to break the cycle of disadvantage through long-term accommodation and the support needed to maintain housing.

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Rooming House Plus Program
Our services include:
  • Quality community housing
  • Medical support
  • Social inclusion program
Available daily from 9am to 5pm
Available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm

About Rooming House Plus

The Rooming House Plus Program (RHPP) is a partnership with Community Housing Limited which is a not-for-profit housing provider that is owner and tenancy manager of the property at 69 Queens Road, Melbourne.

The property provides self-contained accommodation for 66 single adults aged 25 – 65. A communal dining room, arts studio, laundry facilities, gym and vegetable garden are also available on site. Nine of the units cater for people with a physical disability.

I have had a rough road but…I do appreciate all the help you have given me so far.

Knowing that I’m not alone…that you understand what I’m going through and I’m glad I can reach out to you all for help when I need it most.

Thank you for supporting me through this journey…thank you for listening.
– Resident at RHPP

Social Inclusion program for residents

Building a sense of community is central to RHPP and residents are strongly supported through the social inclusion program to be involved in activities in the broader community.

Family members and carers are actively involved with the RHPP community. Residents are assisted to re-engage or develop existing relationships with family members.

How to get a referral to RHPP

If you are interested in getting a referral to our Rooming House Plus Program, please call: 9573 9400.

How we’ve helped people in our community

Our Impact

80 people lived in secure, supported accommodation at our Rooming House Plus Program in 2022-23.

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