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Are you in need of immediate help? Get help now
Sacred Heart Mission Women's House staff
Are you in need of immediate help? Get help now

Please note: We are still offering housing support and duty appointments at our regular service hours. Showers and the sleep room are temporarily closed. Laundry vouchers are available.

Free breakfast at the Women’s House is provided Monday to Friday, from 8:30am until 12pm. Free community meals are also available at our St Kilda Dining Hall on 87 Grey Street.

A welcoming, safe and supportive engagement hub
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Unscheduled visits welcomed Monday to Friday, 8.30am-12pm

The Women’s House in St Kilda is a welcoming, safe and supportive Engagement Hub tailored to the needs of all Women (Cis and Trans) who are experiencing homelessness, financial hardship or barriers to social inclusion and participation.

We strongly welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and people from the LGBTIQA+ community who may have a gender diverse experience. We are committed to providing a culturally safe and inclusive space for everyone who visits the Women’s House.

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The Women’s House provides:
  • A daily engagement hub and free breakfast
  • Duty response
  • Short-term housing assistance and support
  • Basic material aid
  • Social groups
Available from Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 12pm
Available from Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 12pm (or via appointment)

Our services for all women (Cis and Trans)

Women who access the house may be experiencing or at risk of homelessness, living in financial hardship, poverty and disadvantage, have experienced multiple complex traumas including family violence and can feel social and community isolation.

Women's House team

The Women’s House works with women to improve their life situation

The Women’s House offers duty response to anyone presenting at the service with an immediate need. Duty response includes the supply of material aid, basic advocacy, information and access to social inclusion opportunities.

We also work with women for short periods of time, offering up to six weeks of housing support with one of our Pathways Workers to resolve housing issues and establish access to health and other support needs.

Structured wellbeing and personal skills development group activities are available two to three afternoons every week. Activities include an art therapy program supported by the City of Port Phillip as social catch ups and a Women’s House newsletter released quarterly.

Over 100 women visit the Women’s House each month; about 24 per cent are refugees or recent arrivals. Many women visit multiple times and sometimes with children. 500+ presentations monthly are typical.

How we support women in our community

Watch this video to learn more about how we work with women such as *Nat to rebuild their lives after a crisis:

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Help women in our community

An interview with *Nat, a client at Sacred Heart Mission’s Women’s House, former Support Worker Robbie Chaplin and former Program Coordinator Maria Coelho.

Nat: When I came to the Women’s House, I looked like a lost woman. I was confused. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I just came here to interact with people. It’s make me feel like I’m not alone. A lot of people have a similar experience.

Robbie Chaplin: The women that we work with have had decades of abuse and disadvantage and trauma. To hear their stories, to have them trust you with information that is often really hard to hear. So goodness knows what it’s like to actually live those lives.

Maria Coelho: A lot of women don’t feel safe in mainstream services. So having a place where they can come and sit down and have a cuppa, they know they’re safe. We have an average of 35 women coming through the door every day.

Robbie Chaplin: One of the primary ways of engaging is through the Women’s Engagement Hub. We have showers, washing machines and dryers. We have a sleep room for women who are sleeping rough.

Maria Coelho: Two meals a day, art activities, other programs run by volunteers on a daily basis. All we asked for people at the door is a name. So it doesn’t really need to be their real name. From then on, they can tell us as much or as little as they want.

Robbie Chaplin: We try to work in partnership with them. I think that’s incredibly important.

Maria Coelho: It’s one-on-one support. It goes from actually finding housing, finding crisis accommodation, support with getting ID, getting funding for household appliances or work on their mental health.

Nat: Since I came to the Women’s House, since I met Robbie, to be honest, it changed my life. My focus now is study. I’m studying community service and now I am a diploma student. I already received something. I want to give back. Basically, I just love to meet people in the Women’s House and support.

Maria Coelho: Supporting women, supporting each other.

Robbie Chaplin: You do this work to try and make a difference.

Maria Coelho: Try to empower women, make sure that they’re happy and safe. They can move on with their lives, that whatever crisis they’re in, that’s just a temporary thing. We just need to give people chances. And I think the Women’s House does that beautifully.

Robbie Chaplin: When we can work with the women to help effect the change that they’re seeking, it’s magical.

Nat: The Women’s House is my second home.

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How to access the Women’s House

The best way to access our service is for women to drop in between Monday and Friday from 8.30am to 12pm to discuss their needs with our duty worker. A referral is NOT required.

Workers from other services are welcome to come and introduce women to our service in person.

Alternatively, workers can make a referral to the Women’s House by calling us on 03 9536 8464 or emailing appropriate information with client consent to Our service is voluntary, so referrals are strongly encouraged to present in person.

Please note, we preference visits from women with connections to the local area.

How we support women in our community

Our impact

558 responses at our Women’s House in 2020-21.

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Our Impact

38 women living in safe housing at Bethlehem Community in 2021-22.

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