Working with Pride

21 February 2022
Sacred Heart Mission staff attending the 2022 Midsumma Pride March

By Katie Lockett, Women’s House Program Coordinator

2022 saw Sacred Heart Mission participate in its third Pride March! As we walked down Fitzroy Street, the sun reflecting against the shiny glittering backdrop of people in brilliant spirits, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride.

Pride to be marching with my peers and allies, standing in a sea of colour celebrating all people under the rainbow umbrella. Pride to be holding my small daughter in my arms and watching her observe the reflection of the diverse community we are a part of, and pride to be marching with Sacred Heart Mission.

I reflected on the organisation that we work for, as we marched through the neighborhood where the gateway to our support begins. I couldn’t help but beam as we were cheered on by the community of St Kilda, familiar faces, people we have worked both for and with; as we went by waving our flags and holding our red and white umbrellas high.

Staff member Katie Lockett
Women's House Coordinator Katie Lockett

The Pride March is such a special celebration of people and togetherness, and an evolving mark of a world that is becoming more understanding, inclusive and fairer – directly aligning with the work we do … It’s also so much fun, and I would strongly invite everyone to join us for this party next year!

Everyone is welcome at our table” is my favorite Mission value, and by marching as an organisation, and celebrating uniqueness together, I feel very seen, very safe, very welcome and very proud to be a part of our number – as we all walk (and work) together, with Pride.

Sacred Heart Mission believes that the diversity of abilities, genders, sexualities, relationship identities, bodies and cultures in our community enriches us all and should be celebrated.

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