J2SI Evaluation and Learning Centre

Ending chronic homelessness by making the proven Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) program available to homelessness services organisations nationally via an Evaluation Learning Centre (ELC).

J2SI Evaluation and Learning Centre

Sacred Heart Mission’s vision is to end chronic homelessness by making its proven Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) program available to homelessness services organisations nationally, via an Evaluation and Learning Centre (J2SI ELC).

Sacred Heart Mission is proud to run one of the most effective programs to end chronic homelessness. J2SI is a best-practice solution to this most difficult form of homelessness, which is currently a service delivery gap in Australia.

J2SI is different because it combines a rapid housing approach with three years of intensive support for each client and has a trauma-informed lens to service delivery. Individual support includes developing the skills for people to stay in housing, improving health and wellbeing issues, resolving drug and alcohol issues, building skills, contributing to society through employment or study, and reconnecting with friends and family, all to break the cycle of homelessness for good.

J2SI delivers exceptional outcomes

For more than 10 years, J2SI has delivered exceptional outcomes for some of the most marginalised people in our community while reducing the high associated costs to the health, homelessness and justice systems.

J2SI is an evidenced-based program in its third phase, which has proven results from randomised control trials. In the pilot, after three years, 85 per cent of J2SI participants were housed compared to 41 per cent of those who were receiving services from the current service system.

In Phase Two, after three years, reduced use of public services by J2SI participants was estimated to have created savings to government of $32,293 per person. For those who were receiving services from the current service system, the use of public services increased by $66,335 per person, meaning total comparative savings for J2SI participants was estimated to be $98,627 per person over the life of the program.

For J2SI Phase Three we have used a unique funding model where a payment by results contract negotiated with government is supported by a Social Impact Investment combining low-cost debt and contingent grants from philanthropists.

This Journey to Social Inclusion case study provides further details about the innovative financing mechanisms behind J2SI Phase Three.

Opportunity for Homelessness Agencies

We want to support homelessness agencies to replicate J2SI with other State Governments, allowing people who are the most vulnerable in our communities to receive long-term support and housing to break the cycle of homelessness.

This is an opportunity to increase your service reach to people experiencing chronic homelessness and to improve sustained housing outcomes, because J2SI offers three years of intensive support. It increases the chance of your agency having success working with this client group as you through the support of the J2SI team, as well as a continuous improvement mechanism that will directly advocate for systems change in funding programs for those experiencing chronic homelessness. Importantly it provides tools, financial models and guidance on the social impact investment model that sits behind the program.

J2SI Evaluation and Learning Centre – Licensing, Measurement and Evaluation

We are looking to work with place-based community service organisations with aligned values, capable of best-practice delivery of J2SI to become licencees of the J2SI model.

We will continue to gather, analyse and disseminate evidence. This continuous improvement will be achieved by collaborative measurement and evaluation, research, and community of practice in multiple locations across Australia.

SHM has prepared a toolkit for homelessness agencies detailing all aspects of delivering J2SI. Similar documentation has been prepared to assist in funding applications, with emphasis on financial modelling and Social Impact Investments.

J2SI and Social Impact Investments

The J2SI program is intended to be funded by a payment-by-results contract, which could be financed by a Social Impact Investment (SII). J2SI programs have been funded under a SII model.

Opportunity for Governments

This is an opportunity to support an urgently needed, evidence-based program that bridges a current gap in mainstream service delivery for people who have experienced chronic homelessness. J2SI assists through intensive, long-term support which has not been available before.

For State Governments, this is a low-risk way to fund a critical program, because the funding model is significantly cheaper than a traditional Social Impact Bond. A Social Impact Investment (SII) allows for payments if specific desired outcomes are achieved. Sacred Heart Mission is the first to secure this type of investment over five years with the Victorian State Government and expects other place-based organisations to be able to do so too.

More information about J2SI and our Evaluation and Learning Centre (J2SI ELC)

For any inquiries related to J2SI ELC, please contact Suzanne Findlay, Manager Social Impact Growth and Governance, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on LinkedIn.

More about J2SI

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