Together, we turn houses into homes

Our Make a House a Home Fund gives vulnerable Victorians everything they need to feel at home when moving into their new house. It might be a bed or a microwave, or help with the first month’s rent as they settle into their new life.

Elderly man sitting in his kitchen
Elderly man sitting in his kitchen

This is what we achieved since 2018 …

Elderly man drinking tea in his kitchen

We helped more than 500 people

Through the Make A House A Home fund, we supported 530 people to turn their houses into homes; and it’s getting more, every day.

woman stirring food in a pot

Household goods

167 clients received household goods such as dishes, pots and pans, or cutlery.

Rent support

Our Make A House A Home fund helped 94 clients pay bonds and rent for their new housing.

Man unloading a washing machine

White goods

87 clients were able to purchase white goods such as a fridge and a washing machine.

Beds and bedding

56 people could buy beds and bedding thanks to the Make A House A Home fund. Now they can finally sleep in their own beds!

woman sitting on a red couch reading a book; a small white dog lies next to her on the coach


39 clients have received financial support to purchase a kitchen table, a couch and other furniture.

Essential electronics

36 clients bought laptops, phones, radios and TVs. Many haven’t been able to afford any electronic devices for years.

Elderly man drinking out of a cup in his kitchen

Household appliences

26 clients bought heaters, kettles, and other appliances to settle into their homes. Now they can have a cuppa every morning.

Help Make A House A Home

Everyone deserves a place to call home, forever. We can get the houses. Please give monthly to turn them into real homes.