Trusts & foundations

Charitable Trusts and Foundations play a key role in realising some of our most effective programs and development initiatives.

People we support in the community rely on Sacred Heart Mission.

We walk beside people on their journey out of homelessness and we do not give up.

Our organisation has robust governance and management, which includes a volunteer Board, Working Groups, a Client Representative Group and an experienced Executive Team. We are guided by our ten-year Strategic Plan 2014-2024, a Financial Plan running to 2030, and our homelessness services are guided by an evidence-based and trauma-informed approach in both design and delivery.

Sacred Heart Mission seeks funding relationships that are mutually aligned, open and productive. Relationships with our valued funders are actively managed and include informal updates throughout the year, on top of formal reporting rounds on the outcomes and impact of your support.

We also invite non-financial relationships to work together and share other ways to achieve better outcomes for people experiencing chronic disadvantage, homelessness or risk of homelessness.

Our annual reports

Learn more about how our wonderful major donors made a difference over the last financial year.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more, please contact Sarah Davies, Trusts and Foundations Coordinator at or call (03) 9536 8467.

We are sincerely grateful for everyone’s support, past and present. Because of your support, we see new personal strengths, achievements and optimism unfold for people every day.

Our impact

Meals Program Chef Kirsty with a takeaway meal

92,822 meals served through our meals program over the last year.