Make a House a Home fund changes lives

9 July 2021
Woman sitting on a red couch with her dog and reading a bog

We are thrilled to share our Make a House A Home fund raised over $120,000 for clients to furnish their new homes. These funds have helped make the ‘big move day’ for our clients truly special.

It has meant people can settle into their new properties with all the essentials: a bed, couch, washing machine and plants, everything they need to make it feel like home.

Over the course of 2021, Sacred Heart Mission will provide more than 200 people with a home of their own. This includes helping more people to move out of temporary hotel rooms as well as continuing to support our Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) and GreenLight clients settling into their own home.

We wanted to share just how impactful these contributions have been in the lives of our clients:

Gemma now lives independently

Since 2019 we have been working with Gemma*, who has experienced many years of homelessness and unstable, unsafe housing. Shortly after we began supporting her (through our J2SI program), she moved into her own apartment, living independently for the first time in her life.

Through the help of the Make a House a Home fund, we were able to purchase all the crucial homewares she needed to settle-in. She has been enjoying the most stable housing of her adult life, is immensely house-proud, and truly grateful for the support.

Patrick finally has a good night’s rest

Until our professional workers could access the Make a House a Home fund, Patrick* had been sleeping on a thin mattress with hard springs. Through the fund, Patrick was able to choose his own bed and a quality mattress, which helped him have a good night’s rest for the first time in a long time. In this case, your support provided Patrick with the dignity of choice, to make his home more comfortable and improve his well being.

Howard moved into a furnished home

Howard* was moving into his new home recently. With access to the Make a House a Home fund, Howard’s professional support worker was able to help fund the cost of a removalist to pick up and deliver donated furniture and whitegoods to his new property.

Howard was experiencing homelessness before getting his new property. It was impossible for him to keep any household items during that difficult time. This important funding allowed him to move into a furnished home, not an empty shell. Howard’s transition away from homelessness was a seamless and hugely positive experience.

Make a House a Home – for hundreds of people in our community

Watch our video to learn from Julia, our Supportive Housing Worker, how our Make a House a Home fund works and how it makes all the difference to the people we support: