Op shop volunteers

About the position

Sacred Heart Mission is a local Melbourne charity focused on elevating disadvantage, social exclusion, and homelessness. Volunteering in our op shops is absolutely crucial to Sacred Heart Mission as our stores provide the funding that allows our other services to run.

About Sacred Heart Mission

Every day of the year, Sacred Heart Mission assists hundreds of people who are experiencing homelessness or disadvantage to find shelter, food, care and support. Through our wide-ranging homelessness services, research and innovation we strongly advocate for an inclusive, fair and compassionate community where people can overcome disadvantage and trauma.

Everyone is welcome at our table

We are committed to providing volunteering opportunities for all people regardless of age, gender, cultural background, disability, or sexual orientation. We recognise the strength and value in diversity, and actively foster an inclusive community. People who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander are strongly encouraged to apply.

Our op shops

Our 13 op shops in Melbourne contribute up to 30 percent of Sacred Heart Mission’s total income.

As recycling hubs for their communities, our stores work with local businesses and residents on reducing landfill, giving pre-loved goods a second home and educating communities on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

“Volunteering – just do it. It’s fantastic. Makes you feel good.”

We talked to six op shop volunteers about their volunteering experience – and why they recommend you to join our op shop family:


Help provide a welcoming atmosphere, make the store look presentable, provide fantastic customer service, work the till and be part of a wonderful op shop team. And most importantly come be part of something bigger.


We are flexible with what fits your schedule but prefer a half or full day commitment once a week or fortnight.

To apply

As part of the application process we will ask you to agree to a confidentiality agreement, Code of Conduct and be willing to undergo a police check.