Nothing beats a homemade birthday cake

2 December 2019
Winn Tuck sharing a birthday cake with Sacred Heart Community residents and staff

Baking has always been a part of Winn Tuck’s life so when she baked a birthday cake for our resident Graham, it was her way of making him feel special on his birthday.

Never did she think it would lead to baking a birthday cake for every resident at Sacred Heart Community, which is 73 cakes a year.

“Everyone deserves to be acknowledged; it’s nice for the residents to know they are being thought of on their birthdays,” Winn says.

“It adds a personal touch to their day and I just think it’s lovely they know others care too.”

Winn became involved with Sacred Heart Mission about seven years ago when she learnt about the work we do through her son, who owned a cafe a few doors down from our Sacred Heart Community residential home on Grey Street.

At this time she was baking the cakes and muffins for the cafe, where she got to know some of the residents, volunteers and staff from the Mission.

“I get more out of giving than receiving”

Her conversations with people such as Graham sparked her interest to become more involved with the Mission and after a tour of the Dining Hall, Winn has continued to volunteer for the 7am breakfast shift for the past seven years.

“My mother was always a great volunteer and I guess that has rubbed off on me, it’s in the genes,” Winn says.

“I always find that I get more out of giving than receiving, if it improves someone’s life even for a minute then that’s great.”

Winn says many residents at Sacred Heart Community, which supports people as they age, might have an absence of family and friends meaning their birthday could be ‘just another day of the year’.

“I’m one of hundreds who volunteers with Sacred Heart Mission, so while I’m able I’ll keep at it.”

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