Nicole Spratt – 14 years of support for the Mission

1 November 2021
Supporter Nicole Spratt

Nicole Spratt’s journey as a supporter of Sacred Heart Mission began in the workplace. “We would do morning teas and everyone would bring a gold coin donation which we would donate to a new charity.” One of the charities was Sacred Heart Mission.

Fourteen years later, Nicole is still supporting the Mission, now as a monthly donor and with a gift in her Will.

Philanthropy and giving back to the community has always been important to Nicole. “My life has not been easy. I’m fortunate enough to have barely passed high school and was determined to get a university degree. I pushed myself in the work environment and broke glass ceilings.” To Nicole, it’s important to pay it forward.

She says her experience in the financial sector has given her a unique insight. “As a corporate lender, I see a lot of good but I see a lot of greed as well.” Inspired to use her experiences and success to make a positive impact, Nicole is passionate about giving to organisations that support women and people experiencing disadvantage.

Her experience as a CEO has also helped her appreciate the complexities of service delivery for organisations like Sacred Heart Mission. Nicole says she trusts Sacred Heart Mission’s expertise and ability to support the community, “I liked the diversity of services that were being offered.”

Giving back to the community is something she has also instilled in her three nieces. As children, she would give them money to contribute to a charity for their birthday or holidays. “I wanted to show them what giving looked like.”

Leaving behind a legacy: with a Gift in Will

Five years ago, she took her philanthropy one step further. “I was updating my Will and was doing an overhaul. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with my estate.”

Having served as the finance chair on the board of a charity, Nicole says she knows how thin on the ground some organisations are. “I know organisations have had a hard time as the financial pressures have gained.”

That contemplation led her to distribute gifts in her Will to 10 charities, including Sacred Heart Mission.

“When I thought about my Will I thought about my whole self. When you have to sit there and work through where you want some of your money to be gifted to…I see it as my last and final gift.”

She also credits her nieces for inspiring her to leave behind a legacy. “It’s something my family can be proud of. Giving to others, even your last dollar…it’s a big blessing.”

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