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A facelift for our Grey Street op shop

A facelift for our Grey Street op shop

27 August 2018

By Sam Arthur

A gaggle of men sitting on chairs, exchanging passionate words in Italian, greeting passerbys with a ‘ciao’ – this is the quintessential Grey Street op shop welcome.

Housed in a hall once used for school dances and plays for Sacred Heart Primary, the op shop was one of Sacred Heart Mission's first stores.

Each morning as the staff open the shop they are greeted by familiar faces; locals who often donate, volunteers who help put out furniture onto the street, and customers who regularly make their way inside to discover the bargains of the day, but also to simply say hello to their friends and discuss the day’s weather.

Our Grey Street op shop is a place to meet, shop and share stories

Blasting old school Rock and Roll albums all day, the op shop is a place for people to meet, shop and share stories. Clients who use the Mission's services, regular customers and tourists visit the space, in awe of its grandiose ceilings and relics of years gone by. People who donate often ask if they can quickly pop in for a browse, and that's how the op shop staff like it.

Recently the Grey Street op shop has undergone a small series of facelifts. Never fear, we have retained the shop’s charm. No department stores here, just a much cleaner, lighter and dust-free store. The ceilings and walls have been cleaned and painted - no more snow flakes of paint fluttering down from the sky. The fixtures have been replaced with a streamlined look, less clutter and more sense.

Go on a hunt for vintage bric-a-brac and designer clothes

Op shoppers can now explore with ease and are able to find things easily. Pots, pans and the most basic household items can always be found at our Grey Street op shop, but it's those vintage and rare finds that keep customers coming back. A place to purchase the most basic and yet the most extravagant pieces, that's what makes Grey Street op shop so unique.

The alley way is cleared and open, easy to drive down and drop off donations. Selling less furniture and more vintage clothes and bric-a-brac, the store is lucky to receive amazing knick-knacks and designer fashion. Which means shoppers can look good on a budget and feel good knowing proceeds go to a great cause. With a strong connection to many of the residents in the area, Grey Street op shop is steeped in history, familiarity and character.

Many have commented it feels like the shop is being reintroduced as the the new kid on the block, but over time the store will settle back into its roots. With any cosmetic surgery, it takes a little time to get used to the reflection in the mirror.

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