Our services and our approach

Tailoring services to individual needs

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At Sacred Heart Mission, we welcome and accept people as they are. We recognise that everyone’s journey is unique and we work to provide people with support that is effective and carefully tailored to their individual needs.

Sacred Heart Mission understands that a complex interrelationship exists between trauma exposure, homelessness, mental health and social disadvantage. Accordingly, our services address the immediate concerns of people experiencing homelessness but also practice early intervention. By working with vulnerable people and attempting to address the causes and effects of disadvantage at an early stage, our services help prevent more people entering the cycle of homelessness and disadvantage.

Whether it’s women’s services or aged care, crisis or long-term supported accommodation, or our counselling and health services, Sacred Heart Mission’s dedicated workforce of staff and volunteers tailor support to each person's needs with respect and compassion.

Our service delivery framework

Sacred Heart Mission began over 30 years ago as a grassroots response to local need. Today, our evidence-based and innovative services continue to address the underlying causes of deep, persistent disadvantage and social exclusion.

In 2015, we gathered input from staff and clients and documented the expertise we have acquired over three decades. These reflections on our practice wisdom, combined with the latest evidence in Trauma Informed Care and client-directed practice, were the basis for our three Service Delivery Frameworks.

Our Service Delivery Frameworks draw proudly on Sacred Heart Mission’s heritage and look confidently towards our future. They are the foundation upon which our reputation and our unique way of working is built. 

Sacred Heart Mission Service Model

Sacred Heart Mission Service Model guides the work we do and how we do it, across the organisation as a whole. This flagship document brings together over 30 years of specialist service delivery and the latest evidence for effective interventions to address long term homelessness and disadvantage.

It describes our integrated, specialist response for people who are experiencing a range of complex issues such as -

  • Homelessness
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Mental illness
  • Long term unemployment
  • Social isolation
  • Substance abuse
  • Trauma

By aligning our Service Model with our vision, mission and values, we put clients at the centre of our service delivery and work with them to achieve real and sustainable changes driven by their aspirations.

The Sacred Heart Mission Service Model -

  • Provides a framework for a consistent, whole-of organisation response.
  • Provides a shared focus as an organisation on meeting our vision and mission.
  • Assists us to identify the best use of resources and increase our impact.
  • Empowers our clients to direct their own lives and overcome the effects of disadvantage.
  • Maintains our focus on practices that are outcomes-driven.

The key components of our Service Model are - 

  • 3 distinct types of services with clearly defined functions.
  • 5 outcomes against which all service responses are mapped.
  • Clear processes for access, identification, planning and service response.
  • Creating partnerships to help deliver individual and organisational outcomes.

Download our service model

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