Project 101

Project 101 is a $27.3 million multi-stage redevelopment of Sacred Heart Mission’s properties between the corners of Robe and Grey Streets in St Kilda.

Achieving our vision for a connected service hub

The vision for Project 101 is to transform our operating environment into a cohesive and connected hub of support and services that improve the quality of life for people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

Our aim is for people to experience living in safe environments, having a sense of community and of belonging, control over their lives, and have their needs appropriately addressed.

By providing a greater range of accommodation and care support we can prevent the need for premature entry into residential aged care services and have a positive impact on the number of older Australians living in unsuitable housing or on the street.

The ‘campus of care’ provides a better quality of service for our clients and improves that sense of community – everyone has access to the care and service they require.

CGI of Sacred Heart Mission's Project 101 office building

Key Milestones of Project 101

Project 101 was launched in 2016, with building commencing in 2018. The first phase of the project, completed in early 2020, rebuilt our residential care facility, Sacred Heart Community, and increased the total number of beds to 97, providing a home for life to people who are ageing and have experienced homelessness and disadvantage.

The final phase of development was completed in July 2023. It focused on the existing buildings near the corner of Robe and Grey Streets. This included transforming the Sacred Heart Primary School into 14 studio apartments and an updated Wellness Place and Women’s House. This final phase also included building a new Administration Centre behind the existing terraces on Robe Street.

By providing a greater range of accommodation and support, Sacred Heart Mission can prevent the need for premature entry into residential aged care services and reduce the number of older people experiencing homelessness.

Sacred Heart Mission’s new, centralised and fit-for-purpose buildings integrate the broad range of services we offer into one seamless continuum of care.

Sacred Heart Community building

Thank you for your support

The funding for Project 101 has come from a range of sources. The Australian Government, contributing $8.85 million to support the redevelopment project, with a further $3 million from the Victorian Government, with the balance raised through philanthropy and the sale of an asset.

The private One Heart, One Home Capital Campaign to raise $8 million in philanthropic funds for this new Engagement Hub was officially kicked off in March 2016. With the support of Campaign Patron Paula Fox AO, Campaign Chair Gerry Ryan OAM, Deputy Chair Carolyn Clark OAM, and Campaign Directors Derek Young AM, Kerry Gillespie and Mark Dohrmann AM, we raised $8,277,932, exceeding our initial fundraising target.

On 12 September 2018, we hosted the One Heart, One Home Giving Day, a one day only fundraising campaign, that raised an incredible $1.1 million to help cover remaining funding gaps.

We are so grateful to all the generous donors who contributed to making Project 101 a reality.

We are deeply humbled by the support we have received, which reflects the spirit and heart of our community and a commitment to providing the best level of care and support for people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.