Pastoral care

Inside the Sacred Heart Church is Carmel leaning against the pew while Father John is seated, both looking forward and smiling

Pastoral care is a person-centred, holistic approach to care that complements the care offered by other helping disciplines, while paying particular attention to spiritual care.

The focus of pastoral care is on the healing, guiding, supporting, reconciling, nurturing, liberating, and empowering of people in whatever situation they find themselves.

Pastoral care works inclusively with all people regardless of religious affiliation and liaises with other workers or services relevant to the client’s needs.

In addition to the pastoral care provided by all Sacred Heart Mission client-service staff, a designated Pastoral Care Worker works in collaboration with the Parish Chaplaincy team, across our client and homeless services.

Pastoral Care support can be of great benefit in helping people experiencing homelessness and other clients who are dealing with pain, loss, loneliness and anxiety, along with those celebrating their joys and victories.

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