Assistance with Care and Housing

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Advocacy and support for people aged 50 and older

For people aged 50 and over (45 years or older for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people), who are prematurely aged on a low income or are homeless or at risk of being homeless; the Assistance with Care and Housing (ACH) program may be able to assist.

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Assistance with Care and Housing (ACH)
Our services include:
  • Homelessness and housing support
  • Referrals to other services
Available daily from 9am to 5pm
Available daily from 10am to 1pm

About Assistance with Care and Housing

Assistance with Care and Housing is a sub-program of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and provides targeted advocacy and support. At Sacred Heart Mission, we deliver this program to people who come to our Dining Hall, where we witness first-hand how people experiencing homelessness often prematurely age, and who find that ‘mainstream’ aged care services can’t meet their needs.

We understand that people who experience homelessness for a long time often feel let down by services, and it can be difficult to trust staff. Our ACH workers are skilled in engaging with people, are good listeners and will build trust, gradually linking clients to services they need, access to stable housing and addressing any medical needs they may have.

For people who need ongoing support and a ‘home for life’, a supported residential environment at Sacred Heart Community may be the best option. For others, the ACH program can support access to housing or maintaining current housing and receiving the right in-home support to live independently in the community.

For more information, visit My Aged Care.

How we help people in our community

Our Impact

294 people settled into new homes with our assistance over the past year.

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Our Impact

83 people lived in secure, supported accommodation at Sacred Heart Community in 2021/22.

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