Response to the Victorian Government’s social housing announcement

17 November 2020
Key hanging in a door lock

A historic announcement of substantial and rapid increase of social housing will help solve homelessness in Victoria. Social Housing is now a major project in Victoria.

Sacred Heart Mission congratulates the Victorian Government for its historic announcement to invest $5.3 billion into social and affordable housing across Victoria, which is a total game changer for resolving homelessness and will ultimately change lives.

The funding announcement, on 15 November 2020, is projected to increase Victoria’s social and affordable housing by 12,000 dwellings within four years; a substantial and rapid increase at a time when the number of households on the social-housing waiting list in Victoria has increased to 48,529.

CEO Cathy Humphrey says the monumental social housing announcement of 9,300 dwellings is a testament to the efforts of advocacy groups and individuals across our state, and will give thousands of Victorians experiencing homelessness and disadvantage the security and stability of a home, while creating tens of thousands of Victorian jobs.

“We applaud the Andrews’ Government for taking the lead and working towards building more affordable and social housing, when safe, secure accommodation is needed now more than ever as Victoria recovers from the challenges of 2020,” Cathy says.

“We’re looking forward to seeing this historic level of investment in social housing begin, and in particular what will be delivered over the next 18 months.”

The Victorian Government has also promised 2000 of the new social housing properties for people living with a mental illness, which is welcomed news following the housing needs identified through the Victorian Mental Health Royal Commission. A safe home leads to better management of a person’s mental health and is transformative in keeping people out of the cycle of homelessness.

In addition, the government has committed to building 2,900 ‘affordable’ homes – designed to assist low-to moderate income earners to live closer to their workplaces in housing that is priced below market rate.

The four-year construction blitz, with a combination of targeted housing investments aimed at people with a variety of needs will have a direct impact on people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, and will reduce Victoria’s housing crisis.

We now need the Federal Government to step up to the plate and support all State Governments to boost our supply of social housing nationally, creating even more jobs and boosting our COVID-19 recovery.