Create lasting change through a gift in your Will

26 June 2023
Donor Relations Coordinator Sue Worland standing in front of a colourful wall

Including a gift in your Will is a special act of generosity and kindness, that everyone is capable of doing. This allows us to invest with confidence in evidence-based services that successfully address the underlying causes of social disadvantage.

To learn more about how crucial gifts in Wills are in driving social change, we spoke with Sue Worland, our Donor Relations Coordinator.

What impact do gifts in Wills make on the people Sacred Heart Mission serves?

Sue: All gifts in Wills make a difference, from the small to the amazingly generous. They directly help fund our services, providing crisis and long-term support to the most vulnerable people in the community. Gifts in Wills also enable us to plan for the future and develop our programs in a way that we can better respond to the community’s future needs.

An incredible example of how impactful gifts in Wills have been at the Mission is through our One Heart, One Home building project. Fifty percent of a combined 13 generous Estates contributed more than $800,000 to the building fund over three years, ensuring we could bring our vision of a ‘Campus of Care’ to life. The other fifty percent was invested in the Sacred Heart Mission Foundation, where it still generates reliable income, providing funds in perpetuity to ensure ongoing delivery and development of our services.

In a nutshell, a bequest will often be the largest and most significant charitable gift of your lifetime, and with it the Mission will create long lasting change.

Including a gift in your Will does not affect your current lifestyle. It can be the answer if you would like to do more but you’re finding it difficult to right now.

From your experience, what motivates people to make a gift in their Will?

When people reflect on their lifetime and achievements, there often are aspects they wish they could change. But the common theme behind why people trust Sacred Heart Mission with a gift in their Will is because they “see the good that the Mission is doing”.

Knowing that your assets will not only help your loved ones but also people who are experiencing poverty and disadvantage – often through no fault of their own – can be joyful, and deeply satisfying.

How can someone make a gift in their Will to Sacred Heart Mission?

It’s quite easy. When drafting your Will, all you need to do is include suggested wording – which I can provide – and decide on what your contribution will look like. If your Will is up to date, but you still wish to contribute, a codicil (amendment) can help you include Sacred Heart Mission easily.

Please do get in touch if you are thinking about your Will. I would love to hear from you and am always here to answer any question and provide support.

Request a Gifts in Wills Checklist
Email Sue or call her on 0447 156 904 to request our Gifts in Wills Checklist or ask for more information