Understanding Homelessness

What causes homelessness – the facts
In Australia, more than 105,000 people experience homelessness on any given night. That's 1 in 200! It's been estimated that 21,000 of these people are long-term homeless.
It’s difficult to say what causes homelessness, as there is no single answer. The facts about homelessness and our direct experience demonstrates that many people affected are likely to have mental illness, substance abuse issues (drugs and alcohol are often used as coping mechanisms), have little contact with family and friends, and have experienced a disproportionate number of traumatic incidents compared with the average Australian.  Examples of such experiences might include sexual abuse in childhood and being a victim of an assault while sleeping rough. Trauma exposure in childhood, and in later years can impact a person's social and emotional development. In a nutshell, homelessness is complex.