Governance, accreditation and more

Standing in our Dining Hall, in a semi-circle are our board members including four men and four women in business dress

As a not-for-profit organisation working in the homelessness sector, good governance is essential to ensuring we are robust, effective and sustainable. Structures and systems are in place to facilitate the work undertaken across the organisation. These systems ensure we are compliant, plan and manage our resources responsibly, and have the greatest positive impact possible in our community.

Our Structure

Board of Governance

Sacred Heart Mission is an Incorporated Association, and as such, our Board of Governance ensures the Mission works toward achieving its purpose as a charitable organisation in a way that also meets its ethical, legal and financial obligations under the Associations Act. pdf Read our Rules of Association here. (298 KB)

The Sacred Heart Mission Board also has a strong line of sight to the strategic plan, to ensure the organisation is achieving both its mission and strategic objectives. It is provided with robust reporting through a monthly dashboard – a detailed snapshot of actual performance and analysis of results, across a number of critical areas including finance, fundraising, service delivery and human resources.

Principles of Governance

Working together, the Board of Governance and the CEO assume responsibility for the four principles that underpin Sacred Heart Mission’s governance:

  • A just culture – building a culture of trust and honesty, where there is open discussion of error and where staff willingly report adverse events
  • Foster commitment – fostering organisational commitment to continuous improvement by assigning clear responsibilities for service quality and safety to the CEO and managers
  • Monitoring systems – establishing rigorous monitoring and reporting systems
  • Evaluate performance – the active evaluation of service responses to ensure that quality and safety issues are addressed.


  • Quality Improvement Council Health and Community Services Standards
  • Human Services Standards
  • National Standards for Mental Health Services
  • Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Registered provider of services for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Sacred Heart Mission is fully committed to continuous quality improvement in all aspects of the organisation, from our business and operations to our service delivery areas, from our Board and volunteers through to our service delivery staff. This focus ensures that we regularly review and assess what we do and how we do it in order to continually refine and improve our services. It is important to ensure that we are not only delivering on our strategic plan but most importantly that we are meeting the needs and supporting change and positive outcomes for the people accessing our services.

Sacred Heart Mission is a Child Safe Organisation. Please read our Child Safe Statement here.

0136,596Meals served through our meals program over the last year
069,269Hours contributed by our volunteers over the last year
05,740Responses at our Women’s House over the last year
Sacred Heart Mission acknowledges the traditional Aboriginal owners of country throughout Victoria and pays respects to them, their culture and their elders past, present and emerging.


Sacred Heart Mission has always aimed to be a place that embraces a sexuality and gender diverse community; everyone is welcome at our table and we believe a diverse community is good for everyone.