Our major donors

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Sacred Heart Mission is lucky to have the wonderful support from individuals, businesses,trusts and foundations, and community organisations, who enable us to ensure our financial stability and continue to deliver our vital services.  Our sincere thanks to the group of individual major donors that make what we do possible.

  • Adrian Cropley OAM and Carlo Marcon
  • Alan and Claire Gruner

  • Ann and Terence Hodgen

  • Antoine Pace

  • Barbara and Victor Mulder

  • Barry and Faye Hamilton

  • Bill Tenner

  • Catherine Harris

  • Cathy Humphrey

  • Carol Brown

  • Caroline and Derek Young AM

  • Caroline and Peter Smith

  • Carolyn Clark

  • Christian Langstone

  • David O'Brien

  • Denis and Christine McConnell

  • Denis Roche Family

  • Dominique Burgoine

  • Doug Hooley

  • Edward and Ann Miller

  • Ellen Koshland & James McCaughey

  • Helen O’Kane & Neville Cousins

  • Fiona Johnson

  • Fr Ernie Smith

  • Gail and Kevin Donovan

  • Jenny Jobst

  • Jodie Maunder & John Higgins

  • John A Moran

  • John Bennetts & Ann Ryan

  • John and Marita McIntosh

  • Jonathan O'Sullivan

  • Ken and Gail Roche

  • Kelly and Ken Vaughan

  • Kerry Gillespie

  • Keryn and Stephen Nossal

  • Krystyna Campbell-Pretty and Family

  • Lady Marigold Southey

  • Lewis Fly

  • Liz Polk & Martin Ralston

  • Lloyd and Suzie Williams

  • Lynette and Michael Wright

  • Malcolm Clark

  • Margaret and Gert Fengler

  • Mark Dohrmann AM and Elizabeth Dohrmann

  • Mark Munro

  • Matthew Tripp

  • Meagan Keogh

  • Michael and Creina Cadden

  • Michelle Bennett &Louise Lovering

  • Murray and Lisa Gordon

  • Myles Neri & Katrina Nossal

  • Nicola Commins

  • P and B Scales

  • Patricia Ilhan

  • Paula Fox AO and Lindsay Fox AC

  • Peter and Denise Murphy

  • Peter and Francene Howe

  • Redmond Family

  • Richard J Stanley QC

  • Richard and Janet Grimsdale

  • Robert and Irene Gilbert and Family

  • Robin Bishop & Jess Walpole

  • Rosie Lew

  • Sandra and Bill Burdett AM

  • Scott Markworth

  • Steve and Kate Kloss

  • Sue Wood & Gary Edwards

  • Peter Costello AC and Tanya Costello

  • Terri Farrell

  • The Ryan Family

  • Tony and Philippa Kelly

  • Tracey and Jason Cheeseman

  • Xin Yi Goh

If you are interested in joining our wonderful group of major supporters or like to talk about the different ways to support the Mission, please phone Nicole Punte – Relationship Manager on 9536 8470 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


0128,000Meals served through our meals program over the last year
070959Hours contributed by our volunteers over the last year
06,476Responses at our Women’s House over the last year
Sacred Heart Mission respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we operate our services. We pay our respects to the ongoing living cultures of Aboriginal peoples, and to Elders past, present and future.
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