Well-being at heart

We are creating an environment where all of us want to come to work each day.

Promoting a healthier and happier workplace

By creating a mentally healthier workplace in Sacred Heart Mission, we’re helping to build an environment where all of us, including volunteers and students, want to come to work each day. Most importantly, this will make for a happier, healthier staff group and strengthen our relationships and reputation with clients.

People who live with a mental health condition often experience significant levels of stigma and discrimination, which can lead to delayed access to support and treatment, impeding recovery. Discrimination is also a risk factor for poor mental health and wellbeing.

We want Sacred Heart Mission to be a place where it’s comfortable and easy to access support for ourselves and our team members without delay.

Our well-being at heart objectives

  1. Increasing awareness and reduce stigma;
  2. Supporting individuals with a mental health condition;
  3. Reducing risk to mental health in the workplace.

The monthly topics identified in our ‘Mentally Healthier Workplace’ strategy provide staff with tips and tricks and information on the relevant monthly theme (related to one of the three objectives above), making it easier to keep talking about mental health in our workplace and how we can all play a role in contributing to a mentally healthier workforce.

Our well-being at heart champions…

  • Consult with team members and other staff to contribute to the ‘Mentally Healthier Workplace’ strategy.
  • Create a culture that promotes a mentally healthy workforce by;
    • Increasing awareness of mental health conditions.
    • Increasing the skills and confidence of everyone in the workplace to have a conversation with someone they are concerned about.
    • Encouraging peers with mental health conditions to seek treatment and support.
  • Are a conduit between their teams and our strategy action plan, making sure information is able to reach all Sacred Heart Mission teams in the best way, at the right time.
Interested in joining the team?

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