Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteers contribute significantly to Sacred Heart Mission’s work and are a vital part of our volunteer program.

Corporate volunteering is a rewarding way for businesses to contribute to the community and enhance their corporate social responsibility.

The opportunity provides an enjoyable team building activity and a chance to better understand the issues relating to homelessness and disadvantage. Our corporate volunteers rate the experience as rich and rewarding and leave feeling they have made a meaningful contribution to the community and those in need.

Sacred Heart Mission relies on fundraising and social enterprise to fund 70 per cent of our volunteer program costs and 15 per cent of our service delivery.

To support us in continuing to deliver our volunteer program, we ask our corporate partners to make a contribution to the cost of running it when they are part of the experience.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are currently not taking any enquiries for Corporate Volunteering shifts across Sacred Heart Mission. This includes booking any further Corporate Volunteering shifts, and at this stage will be until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience but this is currently out of our control. If you have been in conversation with one of our team members about a Corporate Volunteering shift we will be in touch.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteers assist in a range of capacities across our various services and programs such as;

  • Food preparation and meal service in our St Kilda Dining Hall,
  • Customer service and stock management in our op shops, and
  • Provision of pro bono professional services through skilled volunteering.


NAB employees have been volunteering with Sacred Heart Mission since 2007 and in this time have undertaken over 21,000 hours volunteering.

Sacred Heart Mission is an amazing organisation that provides a meaningful volunteering experience to our employees.

The activities are professionally run and our employees are always very positive about their experience and many will volunteer again to keep supporting the Mission’s important work in the community.
– Matt from National Australia Bank
An incredibly inspiring place where the workplace culture was magnificently created by the hands-on CEO. Volunteers are treated fantastically. Totally loved the experience.
– a staff member from the University of Melbourne

Our volunteers make a difference

Mark a volunteer holds a meal takeaway bag
Our impact

57, 603 hours contributed by our volunteers over the last year.