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Why it's important to donate now?

Your support today is vital. COVID-19 continues to push women in Victoria to the brink, as they are unable to afford rent, mortgage payments or daily living costs. There has been a surge in cases of domestic violence in the last 18 months and women in our community need a trusted support network they can turn to when they are most in need.

Your generosity enables us to keep the doors of The Women’s House open, and continue this vital work to support the most vulnerable women in our community.

About the Women's House

The Women’s House provides a safe and supportive environment for anyone in need who identifies as a woman.

Fundamental to our services are Engagement Hubs, including the Women’s House and the Dining Hall, both located in St Kilda. A Sacred Heart Mission Engagement Hub is a non-judgmental community space which welcomes people into a friendly environment. It works to build trust and a positive relationship which enables a person to seek support in their own time.

Professional Case Managers at the house help to resolve immediate crises and assist women to improve their life situation. In an average year the Women’s House opens its doors more than 7,000 times. Women come to seek support, a meal, a shower, a pathway out of homelessness, and a place to rest.

We provide options to vulnerable women to Secure food, clothing, amenities, and well-being support. Achieve safety from family violence, resolve and avoid crisis. Develop confidence, independence, and sense of accomplishment. Grow empowering social relationships and economic connection.

The Women’s House also helps women with housing, physical and mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, financial and legal matters, and social and life skills. Each woman is unique, but they all have one thing in common: trauma.

Would you like to know more about Sacred Heart Mission and Women's House?

Denise Palfi
Corporate Relationships Coordinator
Sacred Heart Mission
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 0410 466 571

Thank you for giving generously to the Women’s House.

0136,596Meals served through our meals program over the last year
069,269Hours contributed by our volunteers over the last year
05,740Responses at our Women’s House over the last year

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Sacred Heart Mission acknowledges the traditional Aboriginal owners of country throughout Victoria and pays respects to them, their culture and their elders past, present and emerging.


Sacred Heart Mission believes that the diversity of abilities, genders, sexualities, relationship identities, bodies and cultures in our community enriches us all and should be celebrated. Everyone is welcome at our table.