Individualised Planned Support

Sacred Heart Mission’s support services for individuals aims to provide an intensive, holistic approach to well being for people experiencing poverty, covering physical, spiritual and mental health issues as well as more practical everyday living concerns.  The majority of these services are by referral from the Meals Program, the Resource Room or the Women’s House.  These services work in conjunction with community partners to provide assistance with finding housing, developing life skills and dealing with legal issues to address the range of problems experienced by those in the cycle of poverty, homelessness and disadvantage.  
Maintaining connection with community is an important focus - through community participation, activities and wellbeing initiatives. We help build self esteem, social skills and sense of belonging, which are critical areas to help prevent people from experiencing the despair and lack of hope that is so often experienced by those living with poverty and disadvantage.
These services not only address the concerns of people experiencing homelessness but also work towards early intervention.  By working to address the causes and effects of poverty at an early stage, these services help prevent more people entering the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.