Our Volunteers

Sacred Heart Mission is well-respected and loved by the community. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our volunteers, who come from across Melbourne to volunteer in St Kilda, Fitzroy and surrounding suburbs.  Without this support, we simply could not afford to provide some of our vital services.  We truly value their contribution and thank them all for their ongoing support.

One of the best places to volunteer in St Kilda and surrounds, Sacred Heart Mission offers a wide variety of opportunities for volunteering.  Volunteers assist in many of our client-service program areas but also provide support to our op shops, fundraising, finance and administration.  Find out more about the different volunteering opportunities here

Volunteer training & skills development

Sacred Heart Mission is committed to providing volunteers with comprehensive training to help them acquire new knowledge and skills and develop existing ones.
Our volunteers have free access to the Mission's extensive training and development program.  Volunteers can choose to attend training sessions on site and engage with other staff and volunteers.  Alternatively, they can undertake training from the comfort of their home or even a cafe -  on their computer, ipad or smartphone.

Volunteers - at a glance

A snapshot of our volunteers’ contribution in a typical year 
Meals Program35,776 hours
Op Shops32,298 hours
Hands on Health Clinic4,984 hours
Women’s House2,069 hours
Community Visitors Scheme402 hours
Wellbeing and Activities Program61 hours
Main Reception1,627 hours
Aged Care Hostels173 hours

2,189 hours


79,583 hours
So if you’re eager to find a place to volunteer in St Kilda and make a real difference to some of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged people, learn more about volunteering opportunities and reserve a place in one of our Information Sessions today!