Melbourne Opportunity Shops

The best op shops for second hand goods!

March Mission
Our network of second hand shops in Melbourne aims to raise funds and awareness of the work of Sacred Heart Mission.  Our top priority is to make our stores positive community hubs, where locals and seasoned op shoppers alike can shop, volunteer, donate or simply browse, mingle and hopefully have a little fun.  

Shopping at our op shops

All of our eleven opportunity shops in Melbourne offer an upbeat shopping experience and an affordable array of clothing (including second hand designer clothing), furniture, music, bric-a-brac, homewares, books and second hand goods plus the chance to uncover a vintage or modern-day treasure. Stock is sorted and displayed on a daily basis, ensuring there’s always something new, not only from day to day, but from morning to afternoon!
By choosing to shop at Sacred Heart Mission op shops or generously donating goods, you are directly helping to fund the essential programs and services that assist people experiencing homelessness or living in poverty.  For example, the purchase of one $8 item provides two free, three course meals to someone in need.
There’s a reason why many of our customers say that we have the best op shops in Melbourne – they each have a unique personality and stock that reflects the spirit of the local community where they are based, adding a little local quirk to the shopping experience.  Check out each of our second hand shops in the Melbourne area via the links below!
Donating goods to our op shops
Of course we welcome anyone who wishes to donate furniture, clothes, books, toys, computers and electronics – follow the link for more info!


Volunteers are always needed across our stores, so if you have a few hours spare in the week, please go to our volunteer application form and become a part of our op shop team.