Help women

Help the women in our community

Help the women in our community

Women in our community need the safety of The Women’s House. And they need your help.

Help us raise $294,541 before 30 June to keep Sacred Heart Mission’s Women’s House open.

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Nat is a strong, intelligent and resilient young woman with a smile that lights up a room. She loves living and studying in Melbourne and her personal goal is to become a Social Worker, like Robbi at the Women’s House, who Nat considers a mentor.

In 2012, when Nat married a man from East Timor who planned to move to Australia, she and her family saw it as an opportunity to advance her life. After moving to Melbourne, her husband became increasingly controlling.

“I had no family or friends in Australia and didn’t speak English at the time. When I tried to speak English, he made me feel stupid and I lost confidence in myself.”

The relationship deteriorated rapidly. Her husband constantly put her down and became physically abusive. As an insult became a shove, he had her fearing for her life:

“He called me so many bad names, I kept just saying, ‘I’m sorry’.”

“He locked me outside the house during winter, just because I wouldn’t come to him when he called me. When I argued back he bashed me.”

When Nat’s husband threatened her with a knife one night, she had to escape. She fled the only home she knew in Australia and with no one to turn to, she went to the Indonesian Embassy.

Family violence is the number one reason women experience homelessness in Australia.

Nat couch surfed for two years because she could not afford private housing. She eventually secured short-term, ‘crisis’ accommodation through Sacred Heart Mission.

Shortly after, she was referred to the Women’s House and is now the strong, confident and happy young woman you see in these pictures today.

Will you be there for so many more women who come to us?

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Nat is thankful for the safe welcoming space the Women’s House provides. She felt supported by, and connected to, the broader community.

“This is what help looks like. The great women here at the Women’s House… They told me whatever support I needed I would find it here. I went, felt comfortable and met a lot of great people.”

Inspired by Robbi, her Social Worker pictured below, she worked so hard. She is now fluent in English and passed her Certificate IV in Community Services. She is now enrolled at university for her Diploma:

“Robbi is great, she sets high standards and she is my role model. She supported me a lot and helped me get the funding I needed to study.”

Nat says being surrounded by inspirational people like Robbi, has given her another chance to be independent, confident and happy again.

helpwomen Nat and Robbie sacredheartmission

After receiving some support from the State Government, we still must raise $294,541 to keep the doors of the Women’s House open.

Please donate before 30 June and make it your mission to help women in our community.

Donate now to help women in our community

Nat has made many friends at the Women’s House and still visits. She likes to socialise, relax and take part in the weekly pottery classes. It has given her a new lease of life:

“I can love myself more now. I feel the sun on my skin and it feels so beautiful! I come to the Women’s House and I can now enjoy my surroundings like never before.”

“I don’t want to hide. I’m not scared of anything anymore.”

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