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Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, but for people who have no safe place to go, or are estranged from friends and family, this can be a lonely, isolating and challenging time. This is the reality for so many people who come to Sacred Heart Mission. They need more than just a Christmas meal.

Many people who are experiencing homelessness have lived through repeated trauma are reluctant to seek help, and can be living with pain and discomfort. Joe is one of them:

Joe is a stoic sort of bloke who keeps to himself and has been a visitor to the dining hall over the years. Recently, a case worker noticed Joe appeared to be in pain. Joe has lived through many traumas, and was reluctant to ask for help, fearing yet another person would let him down. After a bit of gentle encouragement, Joe revealed that he has severely deformed feet, and agreed to visit the Hands On Health Clinic. The volunteer podiatrist quickly realised he needed shoe orthotics, and helped to get Joe back on his feet - free of pain.

By donating to our Christmas Appeal, you will provide support for people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, every single day of the year. Lasting change does not happen overnight, but with your help it is possible.

Help make every day Christmas

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