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Find out about the Green Team's impact on sustainability

Sacred Heart Mission is committed to improving sustainability outcomes and reducing our environmental impact for a number of reasons:

  • Reducing consumption also cuts costs
  • Greening can foster a positive culture across the organisation
  • Being environmentally responsible is easy, our responsibility and best practice
  • Climate change exacerbates existing risks of homelessness.

Sacred Heart Mission has impressive “green” credentials as a major local recycler (through our op shops) and a major partner in Melbourne’s food rescue industry (our Meals Program). Building on these existing activities, the organisation has made a commitment to minimise its impact on the environment.

A ‘Green Team’, comprised of staff members from across the organisation including a member of the executive team, has taken up the challenge of developing a work plan based on the results of an emissions audit. The work plan guides the Green Team’s initiatives to embed a culture of environmental sustainability within the organisation. Activities are aimed at energy, water and waste reduction, improving recycling and promoting sustainable forms of transport, such pool bikes.

Thirteen ways we are “green”

  • Thanks to a generous donation from the Classic Bicycle Shop, we have pool bikes for staff to use for commuting during work hours
  • All kitchen scraps from our Meals Program and aged care hostels are taken away by KS Environmental and turned into garden compost. The equivalent of 600 bathtubs of compost were generated over the past four years
  • The used vegetable oil from the Meals Program deep fryer is converted into bio-fuel
  • We have begun to measure energy use across various sites and have set energy reduction targets
  • Building maintenance schedules incorporate sustainability improvements, such as replacing light bulbs with LEDs
  • Changing to double-sided print settings has cut our paper usage by 50 per cent
  • Unsaleable shoes donated to the op shops are on-sold to a third party that distributes these to developing countries as part of a community development program
  • Unsaleable clothing donated to the op shop is on-sold to a third party who uses it for rags
  • Our rooming house arts studio uses recycled and rescued materials
  • We recycle printer cartridges through Planet Ark
  • Energy saving plugs are installed in each residents room at our rooming house
  • We recycle mobile phones and batteries and encourage staff and volunteers to bring their old ones in from home
  • We actively encourage staff and volunteers to ride to work.

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