Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Sacred Heart Mission Reconciliation Action Plan

In 2013 Sacred Heart Mission formed a project group to work on a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The aim of the RAP is to acknowledge the need for the organisation to build stronger relationships and trust with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.  
Sacred Heart Mission wanted input from these diverse cultures to learn how to make our services more accessible to peoples of these communities, who have experienced trauma including cultural genocide and displacement and the social exclusion and disadvantage caused by predominate white European settlement of Australia.
Data gathered by our client service areas show that up to 10 per cent of people accessing our services identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. The organisation felt that it was important not just to be welcoming; but to prepare to be better able to offer culturally suitable responses, take culturally informed actions where appropriate; and to develop these responses and actions in consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. To echo the ethos of the RAP program: we need to turn our good intentions into informed and real actions.
As part of the Reconciliation Action process, we have developed a plan that documents what we will do within capability to influence social policy and responses and to contribute to reconciliation in Australia. The RAP was signed by our CEO Cathy Humphrey and endorsed by Reconciliation Australia in December 2013. Implementation has already begun and we will continue to act and review our progress on an annual basis.
You can download a copy of our RAP below.
To read more about Reconciliation Australia visit the Reconciliation Australia website.
Sacred Heart Mission acknowledges the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate. Sacred Heart Mission commits to providing accessible and culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.