Our Supporters

As a not for profit organisation with a history of more than 30 years delivering services to people experiencing homelessness, we rely heavily on support from the community to help deliver our vital services. More than 40% of our funds come from various individuals and groups in society, the remainder being government funded programs.
Major donors can either be individuals, businesses or community groups, but all enable us to ensure our financial stability and continue to deliver our vital services.
Trusts and foundations - Grants from trusts and foundations fund some of our community-impact and innovative initiatives.
Schools – assist us with community fundraising activities, as well as learning with us about the deeper issues behind extreme disadvantage and homelessness.
Corporate organisations – through our Workplace giving program, goods and service donations and skilled volunteering, our corporate supporters provide a vital level of support.
To find out more about all the different ways that individuals and organisations can support our work, visit the 'Support Us' page.